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Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is an essential input device that allows for smooth and precise cursor movement, enhancing productivity and ease of use.

Flash Drive

A flash drive is a portable storage device that allows you to conveniently store and transfer data between devices. Compact and reliable.

graphics card

Graphics Card

A computer graphics card is a vital component that enhances visual performance, enabling high-quality graphics rendering experiences.


Memory Card

A memory card is a portable storage device used to store and transfer data in devices such as cameras, smartphones, and gaming consoles.


Computer Keyboard

A keyboard is a fundamental input device for computers, featuring an array of keys used for typing, gaming, and controlling various functions.

Hard Disk Drive

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a data storage device that uses rotating disks to store and retrieve digital information reliably.

Docking Station

A docking station is a versatile device that connects a laptop or a mobile device to peripherals, offering expanded connectivity and seamless integration.

Audio Headset

An audio headset is a versatile device that delivers immersive sound quality and comfortable listening experience for gaming, music, or communication purposes.


A monitor is a visual display device that allows users to view and interact with digital content, providing a clear and vibrant visual experience.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of computer memory that stores data temporarily, allowing quick access for processing tasks.

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