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Category 5e Cables

Patch cord Category 5e cable is a reliable and cost-effective solution for connecting devices in local area networks. It ensures high-speed data transfer and excellent signal integrity.

Category 6 Cables

Patch cord Category 6 cable is a reliable and efficient solution for connecting networking devices. It ensures fast data transfer and reduced crosstalk for smooth and reliable network performance.

Category 6A Cables

Patch cord Category 6A cable is a high-quality Ethernet cable used for short-distance connections. It ensures reliable data transfer and supports higher bandwidths for efficient network performance.

Category 7A Cables

Patch cord Category 7A cable is a premium-quality cable used for high-speed data transmission in networking systems, offering superior performance and reliability.

Category 7 Cables

Patch cord Category 7 cable is a short-length twisted pair cable used to connect networking devices, ensuring reliable and high-speed data transfer within a local area network.

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